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Message from the founder

Why Scooterwash was founded and the story behind it.

Scooterwash was founded in Cape Town South Africa by a local businessman who chooses to stay anonymous at this stage as he feels its not about him, but rather to help his fellow South Africans struggling to find employment. The founder of Scooterwash had the vision to create more jobs and to bridge the gap for unemployed people struggling to keep their head above water and getting funding from a bank to start their own business. The model was designed in a way that Scooterwash will train individuals to run their business successfully with all the necessary tools and equipment to do so. The business will be integrated with the latest technology to give each Scooterwash business owner ( affiliate ) the means to earn a decent income of between R10,000pm - R50,000pm. Of course this will be run as a business and to make profits but all Scooterwash affiliates will be trained to offer top services and to bring something unique to the table. Scooterwash aims to become the number one mobile car wash operator in South Africa with guaranteed quality when it comes to washing cars, trucks, buses etc.

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